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Saturday, October 8, 2011

NZ Photos

My trip to New Zealand was a lot of fun and was well worth the effort of going overseas to find snow. In addition to how awesome it was to ride in September some of the highlights were skydiving; going on an epic 3 hour mountain bike ride (watch out for Auzzie breaks!); and going on an adventure hike up and down Mount Iron (who uses the path?). 

On the snowboard front, it was really good to continue to practice. With only 6 weeks off snow I felt like I was able to get back into it right away. It was also awesome to have one of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club coaches, Duncan, there to ride and film with. I learned a lot of jibbing tricks (rails and boxes) and got a lot more comfortable flipping on jumps. It was too windy to jump as much I would have liked but I made the most out of every light wind day. Video to come soon! For now check out the pictures from my trip below
Freefalling! Sorry Mom!

Mount Iron Peak

Jibbing is fun

Dave killing it with a front board!

Back corked 5

Backside 180

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