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Monday, December 12, 2011

Colorado has it going on!

Hey everyone,

I'm in Colorado right now for our early season training camp and I'm loving it here. They have free buses; its sunny; everyone is friendly; and most of all the resorts here work their tales off getting the parks up and running early! To give you an idea, the resort we've been riding is called Keystone and they only have a base depth of 18'! They've been making snow non-stop and already have a full park with over 100 features including a huge, very well built, triple jump line. We hardly notice the lack of natural snow.

The level of riding here is insane! Most of the best pros are here because Keystone has one of the best parks in the world right now. Colorado also has the best halfpipes right now. We went to watch the halfpipe Grand Prix on the weekend. The level of riding in competitive halfpipe is incredible! The sport really progressed leading up to the 2010 Olympics with competitors pulling double cork tricks. Now its difficult to even make the finals at the Grand Prix without a double cork! Congrats to Luke Mitrani for taking the win with an absolutely sick run.

As for this guy, I just finished filling out a trick list that my coach put together. There are so many tricks that I want to learn this season. I guess that's a cool part about freestyle snowboarding: there are almost no limits to what you can learn. At the moment I'm really focusing on building my confidence jumping from the ground up. Yep, that meant spending 2 days only doing straight airs followed by 180s for another 3 days. I'm now doing some of the best straight airs, 180s and 360s I've ever done!

Here's a new tune that's just plain amazing:   Midnight City by M83

In addition to snowboarding I've also started back to University. I'm studying microeconomics by correspondence and really enjoying it so far. I've also been watching quite a few 'Ted Talks' in my spare time. Check out this one that I found really interesting:


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