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Monday, May 18, 2009

One of Those Amazing Days

Hey hey!

As I said in my last post, I've been filming a lot lately. On Friday I had the best day of filming this season... I was riding with Ali and Aaron, both my roomates in the WVSC Academy, while Rob (the owner of WVSC) was filming us. With just days left of riding the Black Park (the park where all the big jumps are) before it closed, we were on a mission to learn new tricks and get them on film. It was a hot spring day that would have been equally awesome for hanging out by the lake as it was for snowboarding.

We were all riding well and landing most of our tricks. It was really cool to see Ali charging the jumps. There aren't many girl snowboarders that can ride big jumps and Ali was killing it! She was stomping some frontside 180s and by the end of the day was trying frontside 5s! Aaron landed some nice frontside rodeos off his toes. I was stoked on my backside 3 melon grab on the hip. At the end of the day we were having too much fun to stop, so we hiked a jump a bunch of times. I landed a couple switch backside 5s that were feeling good so I decided to go for a 7. I had never tried one before and fell my first time. On my second try I landed it! The feeling when I landed was amazing. 

After we were finished filming on the jump we sessioned a cat track gap drop. It was really cool to hit, I've never tried a gap like this before. We all got some tricks on the gap and slapped high fives all around. It was at this point that Rob reminded us that we had better get a move on to see if we could still download the chair - it was 5 o'clock and the hill closes at 4! We had lost track of time because we were having so much fun. We were the only ones left on the mountain besides the staff . We raced down to the Gondola and were lucky to find that it was still running.  It was an amazing day, top 5 best days of my year!

I'm putting together a video part from all the filming this year which I'll be posting soonish.

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring. Cheers,


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