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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Open the Door to the US and European Opens - Campaign Launched!

Hey everyone!

I just launched a new fundraiser campaign on the webpage: This year I made the campaign more specific and directed to achievable goals: qualifying for the US and European Open events. These are some of the biggest competitions in the world (read: just below X-Games and Olympics) so doing well at them would be huge for me. These are ambitious but attainable goals with a lot of hard work. With the support of this campaign I'm excited to give it my best shot!

The guys at MakeAChamp contacted directly to ask if I would like to run a campaign on their site. They're been amazing, providing feedback and information to help make the campaign a success. I really enjoy their website's ease of use.

I like to make my videos as entertaining as they are informative. The idea for the creative was inspired from an idea that my girlfriend Frida has. I was already heading out to Tofino for a surfing trip with my best pal Kyle so it worked out perfect. Skateboarding is definitely not my forte but I would like to think I'm a little better than the video implies. Coincidentally, my surfing skills improved a lot on the five days we were out in Tofino... I'm now only half rubbish!

Another point of interest this year was that I really wanted to increase the value of the Givebacks. I want to give back as much as I can to all the amazing people who help me out! I have a cool AM logo now so I've decided to make toques and sweaters in addition to the amazing products my sponsors (Westbeach, Spy, Travel Roller, MyPakage, Mio Global, Muscle MLK, Pacific Coach, RFLF Co) are providing.

For more information and to get involved please visit 

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