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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Season Re-Edit

Guten tag!

I'm in Europe now to start off my season. As I
mentioned below I've had a bit of down time to work on some edits.
However what I didn't mention is the challenge it's been trying to get
them online with limited access to internet, especially when I keep changing the edits! I'm a bit of a perfectionist...

So here's what when I think my edit is the way I
want it I put in online. Then I show some friends and realize that I
want to change something or I miss spell my girlfriend's name (sorry
babe!). A 2 minute edit takes over an hour with high speed internet to
upload in 1080p. When I was visiting Frida at her photo school in Sweden
she didn't have internet in her dorm room so I would have to wait until
she was done school and convince her to stay there for an extra hour or
two so that I could upload my video, again.

After re-uploading about 5 times with small changes I got a bit sick of my
edit so I decided to try it with a different song altogether. Here's
what I came up with. I think it fits the part a bit better. What do you

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