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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mattafix - leading by example

I came across this music group recently that I'm really stoked on. I heard 2 of their hits on separate occasions and instantly fell in love with those songs without having any idea who the band was. Once I figure out that it was Mattafix, I checked out their myspace page to see what they're all about. I was stoked to see that their video 'Living Darfur' was filmed in a warzone in Chad, bordering Darfur, to raise awareness of the suffering of the people in the region. All artist royalties from this song will be donated to Oxfam, Crisis Action and the Save Darfur Coalition I have tons of respect for a group (or person) that uses their public profile to help put solve an issue such as this one. I hope that other artists take note of what Mattafix is doing and follow their example!

Living Darfur from Maroon Missionaries on Vimeo.

- A M

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