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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exploring, Adventures and Snowboarding!

As I mentioned on Friday, Whistler mountain opened!! It's been a long wait over the summer but really... why wait? Since I arrived in BC I've been super busy exploring, getting settled into my new place and going on adventures. There is so much to do in BC! Kyle Thomas (my new roomate who's been my good friend and training buddy since I met him riding in my first snowboard club 6 years ago) and I decided to take advantage of the short time we had before the hill opened to head out to Tofino for a surfing trip.

Heading out on the Ferry
November in Tofino is cold, I have to get the photo without the hood though!
On our second day in Tofino we were exploring a trail to South Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park. We were out on the beach trying to find a way to get onto this big rock by the ocean, little did we know that a black bear cub was hanging out on the same beach. We were so oblivious until we got within 20 feet of the bear and Kyle mentioned something along the lines of "Hey I think that's a bear." I look up and my heart starts racing. My immediate thought was to get as far from the cub as quick as possible in case we were between the Mom and her cub. Kyle had to remind me that running probably wasn't the best thing to do (I'm probably faster than him so it would have been fine for me, haha). Once we got far enough away we watched the cub for a bit with no sign of Mom before heading down the trail. Further down on another beach we almost ran into more wildlife, this time a beached seal. I've never seen a live seal before so it was cool but I felt bad for the guy, he wasn't moving much.

Such a cool bridge!
The other 2 days we spent surfing. I've started to really, really like surfing. It's a similar feeling to floating over powder on your snowboard (which is one of the best feelings). On the first day I met up with some good friends from Yellowknife - Kelsey, Josh & Danielle for a fun surf session. Josh and Dani had to catch a bus so they only got a taste of the surfing but it was great to see them nonetheless.
I should really start reading signs...
I'm going surfing!
Getting the picture like a true tourist

Hello black bear! You can see our tracks on the bottom right. Scary!

Poor seal :(

Kyle checking out the rain forest

Kyle's ride!

These photos are from a hike we did just down the highway from our new place. You don't have to go far to see some pretty spectacular nature in Whistler.
We want you! be as goofy as us!

Freestyle hiking

Ali & me

The new pad, in the Athlete's Village. Couldn't ask for a better place
Opening Day on Whistler would not be complete without a super early morning, followed by huge lines of skiers and boarders eager to get back on snow. Every in Whistler was in a great mood after getting their fix of snow in for the day. We had a blast riding some fresh snow, jumping off every little bump and even riding the mini snowboard park they have set up.

Me, Kyle and Chase - stoked on our first day!
Fresh track are awesome!
Yeah Snowboarding!!!

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