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Sunday, November 28, 2010

FSC Architects & Engineers steps up sponsorship to Crystal Globe!

FSC Architects & Engineers continue to amaze me! For the third year in a row they have sponsored me at my highest level to help ensure that I have adequate funding to follow my training schedule for the year. When I added the Crystal Globe level to my sponsorship package this year I wasn't sure if anyone would even consider sponsoring me to that extend - however, this level of support is now crucial for me to progress in my athletic career as the costs of training and traveling continue to escalate. I'm very thankful to have the amazing support of community leaders like FSC to help me achieve my goals!
Me standing with FSC partners Kevin Hodgins, Jerry Jaud and Warren McLeod
 To view the official press release regarding the sponsorship go to the Sport North website. Here it is below:

News Release

FSC Architects & Engineers Announce Top Level Sponsorship for High Performance Snowboarder Andrew Matthews

November 22, 2010 - FSC Architects & Engineers have announced that they will continue to support Andrew Matthews in his high performance athletic training again this year, increasing their sponsorship to his new ‘Crystal Globe’ level. The new sponsorship will allow Matthews to continue to pursue excellence in his sport. It will allow him to participate in training camps and competitions that would have otherwise been too expensive for him to cover.

“When I added the Crystal Globe level to my sponsorship proposal this year, I wasn’t sure if anyone would even consider supporting me to that extent,” acknowledged Matthews. “FSC continues to amaze me with how supportive they are of high performance sport in the North. This funding will make a huge difference in allowing me to train and compete at the elite level that I need to in order to make it to the next step of my athletic career. When Warren told me that FSC was going to step up to the Crystal Globe level I was at a loss for words, so I just gave him a hug. Crystal Globes are very prestigious awards presented to athletes that are on the very top of their game and win the annual World Cup Tour. FSC continues to lead the community in high performance sponsorship and they are definitely on top of their game!”

Warren McLeod, a principal at FSC said that the company feels strongly about supporting high performance sport in the North, “FSC believes that supporting highly visible athletes from the North encourages the development of healthy communities by inspiring other youth to follow in their footsteps.  Andrew has and will continue to be a positive role model for all Northerners and we are more than happy to help him as he pursues his dreams.”

Andrew has recently moved into the Whistler Athlete Village, which will be his base for training this winter, and started back on snow training. He heads to Copper Mountain, Colorado this Wednesday, November 24th, for some early season halfpipe training. This will give him a competitive edge over many Canadian riders who won’t be able to train in a halfpipe until late December.

Matthews’ first major competition is the Burton Canadian Open Global Series which will be the first week of February. He is hoping on improving on his last year’s performance where he made it to the qualifying round in slopestyle. “I’ve set some high goals this year, and for the next four years,” explains Matthews. “With the help of community leaders like FSC, I believe I have what it takes to achieve these goals.”

For more information visit:

NWT Boardsport Association                            Warren McLeod, P. Eng., Principal
(867) 920‐2997                                                                 (867) 920‐2882

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